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Homeowners Insurance

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. You should have a home insurance policy that gives you the protection you need at the best possible price. Ariston Brokerage offers homeowners insurance and apartment insurance for renters in Brooklyn and all of New York State. Be sure and inquire about multi-policy discounts on home and auto insurance bundles to save money on your policies. Contact us for a free quote and ask us about the following coverage:

Replacement Cost on Dwelling

Covers the full cost of repairing your home when damaged in a covered incident, even if the replacement cost exceeds your policy limits, provided your home is insured for 100% of its replacement value.

Replacement Cost on Contents

If you experience a covered loss in which an item is destroyed or stolen, your policy will pay to replace the item up to the limits stated within the policy and less your selected deductible. The difference between replacement cost and the depreciated value can be considerable.

Ariston Brokerage also offers flood insurance in case of unexpected water damage that occurs in floods. Call our office at 718-232-6464 to learn more about flood insurance.